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Four stages of cruelty Psychology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)




Four Stages of Cruelty
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Four Stages of Cruelty
The article Four Stages of Cruelty by William Hogarth describes Tom's cruel behaviour towards various victims. The narration of Tom's vicious deeds warns different viewers about the dangers of hurting both human beings and animals (Warren, 2010). Tom starts by torturing small animals for his amusement; he beats a horse to death and further murders his pregnant lover. Though he has done damages already, the tale covers punishments he has faced due to his actions.
In the first stage, Tom tortures small animals in different ways (Warren, 2010). He provokes a dog to attack a cat and ties a rooster to a stake to throw numerous clubs. These incidences result in bloodshed. Due to his acts, numerous malicious acts have evolved around him, such as hanging rodents such as cats by their tails, tying bones to dogs' tail, the act of burning the eyes of the doves using hot red wires, and tossing the cats outside the window. In attempts to advocate against the harsh treatments rendered to the small animals, only one child intervenes.
In the second stage, blood spots also appear in the background as one of the spectators of bullbaiting is attacked by a cow previously tethered, break free from continuous attack by the dogs in the incident of determining which dog could injure the cow without dying (Warren, 2010). Tom also beats an emaciated horse to death using his whip. Thirdly, Tom murder Ann

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