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The impact and role of social isolation of seniors during a pandemic. (Essay Sample)


Social Isolation Negatively affects Seniors During a Pandemic.

the client had provided an outline for the persuasive research essay.
The attached sample provides an evaluation of the role and impact of social isolation among seniors during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Role and Impact of Social Isolation of Seniors
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The Role and Impact of Social Isolation of Seniors
The globe is currently facing a global health problem due to Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19). Besides the increasing fatalities and cases of this disease, there are significant political, psycho-social, and socio-economic impacts. As nations imposed social distancing and quarantine policies to contain the virus spread, billions of individuals, including the elderly, continue to stay indoors with limited social interactions. Social isolation creates chronic boredom and loneliness, which negatively impacts mental and physical well-being after extended timescales. Social isolation is a lack of social connections or non-participation in social initiatives or activities due to environmental restrictions. Accordingly, loneliness is manifested as dissatisfaction and anxiety feelings linked to the absence of communality or connectedness with others. This paper evaluated the role and impact of social isolation amongst seniors.
Statement of Problem
As Covid-19 impacts nations, the seniors (elderly population) must isolate for extended timeframes in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Such attempts to protect the over-70s, thereby shielding the over-burdened healthcare system, come when global economies enforce curfews, social isolation, and lockdowns to reduce the Covid-19 spread. However, social isolation amongst older adults remains a severe public health issue because it heightens the risk of developing mental, neurocognitive, and cardiovascular autoimmune problems (Armitage & Nellums, 2020). 

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