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Risks of Bullying (Essay Sample)


Develop an anarlysis of an article on bullying and relate it to the class content read in the course. The sample attached contained an analysis of an article on bullying which is a news article 'Return to in-person school carries old risks of bullying and new risks of cyberbullying. This information was then related to the class content through theories.


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I will analyze a news article, 'Return to in-person school carries old risks of bullying and new risks of cyberbullying,' based on a critical factor discussed in class: bullying (Falkers, 2022). The article's name is Return to in-person school carries old risks of bullying and new risks of cyberbullying. The link for the news article is news is written by Britanny Falkers who is a journalist at KGW. The article was published on August 23rd, 2022, for the news channel and aired under their healthier together section. The news article contained several essential points that understand the essence of bullying and its effects on the affected children's physical and behavioral states.
Summary of Main Points
Some of the primary key points addressed in the news article are informed by how the students in Oregon are heading back to school, and the aspect of bullying remains a significant concern. The news article articulates that although various things have changed based on school life, the concern of bullying is ever present and its effects. The report emphasized the findings of the Nation Centre for Education statistics findings that one in every five students is bullied(Falkers, 2022). Bullying results are felt by the victims, the perpetrators, and the viewers affected by the act.
The news article shows Dr. Mike Franz's fears of bullying, online and cyberbullying, and its effects on children. According to the doctor, social media has played an integral part in enhancing cyberbullying (Falkers, 2022). This has been witnessed in social media and smartphones, where there is an annual increase in student cyberbullying. According to research showcased in the news article, kids and teens bullied over time are more likely to experience negative behavioral changes that lead to anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, and even suicide.
The extent of mental health issues for children facing bullying can extend even to bystanders who develop complications such as increased depression and anxiety. The news report further highlighted that school bullies risk developing intense anti-social characteristics that lead to aggressive behavior and drug abuse. The article further seeks to address the unity of school stakeholders in their quest to end bullying and promote a better learning environment for their children(Falkers, 2022). The role of parents and these stakeholders in eliminating this vice in schools has been brought to light with the need to showcase numerous intervention plans that would help in this fight.
Relation to Class Content
A major topic that we discussed in class was bullying. The rampant increase in school bullying and its subsequent shift to cyberbullying has emerged as security hindrances. According to Zinan (2017), there has been increased pressure to implement various solutions that improve student safety. The call for stakeholders in the sector to effectively ensure the proposed aspects of curbing bullying are implemented and incorporated for safety in schools. The rise of bullying cases has been attributed to how it is perceived as a simple and harmless rite of passage that seeks to build character for young students. However, the effects of bullying have been linked to long-term factors that affect the victim and the bully.
The understanding of bullying has grown beyond the narrow anti-social behavior only experienced in elementary schools. The problem in the United States has created awareness of the problem with other mental and psychological effects that are attributed to bullying affecting children in their development. Smith (2018) argued that there is a relationship between the rise of school shootings and bullying. This has been attributed to two-thirds of recent shootings where the perpetrator admitted to being bullied. These points are reiterated in the chosen news article that continues to show the extent of the problem in schools.
For instance, the news article showcased that some of the psychological and behavioral changes that children undergo stemming from behavioral changes often lead to increased anxiety, suicide, depression, and low self-esteem. These psychological problems can be extended to bystanders in most bullying scenarios who also are at risk of developing increased anxiety and depression. There is an increased need to create bett

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