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Discovering Psychology: The Power of the Situation (Essay Sample)


The power of situations does have a lot of effects depending on the aspect of social context available. With this, the fundamental attribution error has been realized where it's evident that individuals are influenced to do various acts without the consideration of impacts on the given situation. Moreover, both positive and negative situations have been used to test the impacts of human nature and this in return has raised aspects of the ethical considerations. With this independent research, bodies have been formed in a bid to protect the rights of individuals against the benefits realized by scientific experiments.


Discovering Psychology: The Power of the Situation
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Discovering Psychology: The Power of the Situation
It's true to state the fact that the social context is where interactions with other people take place. With this in mind, for us to survive we need other people who enrichen our lives. Furthermore, individuals do achieve their goals while reaching their full potential. It's however important to note that the social context is not always based on a positive aspect as it can also threaten our integrity and our lives. For instance, psychologists around the world were fascinated with how European leaders in the 19th century were capable of influencing individuals. Regarding this various leadership styles created different social situations regarding the emergence of the World War.
For instance, various crimes have been committed in the name of obedience while others have occurred in the name of rebellion. This personal trait has been used to examine the fundamental attribution error where human beings act without assessing the impacts of the situation. Furthermore, culture has played a part in the attribution error because of the consideration that comes with personal accomplishments; hence realising that we are easily manipulated by the situational forces. From this, it's clear that the best and the worst of human nature can often be brought out through the manipulation of aspects present in social status.
For instance, jail experiments were conducted by researchers to assess the behaviour of individuals and it was clear that the identity and characters of the individuals in the study did illuminate the darker side of human nature (Jlc Chairs, 2020). However positive experiments have also been conducted to assess the better side of human nature and in this regard, it's evident that situational power also has positive effects. Regarding this, it's evident that positive situational power produces positive effects once situations are strong enough to affect their decisions.
Researchers around the world have conducted experiments and field studies in an attempt to explain how social psychology affects groups leaders and individuals. With this, the power of the situation does influence individuals either positively or negatively. From this jail experiments have been conducted on individuals to assess how they adapt to the given situations and results have shown us that behaviours are influenced due to the different realities constructed from various circumstances (Jlc Chairs, 2020). From these various guidelines have been raised with which individuals ought to be protected. Moreover, ethical guidelines have been put in place to protect the well-being of subjects.
Ethical considerations have to be examined throughout all research procedures. This is in contrast to the fact that the protection of individuals has to be weighed o

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