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Dreams and Patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (Essay Sample)


the task involved choosing a research paper on dreams and answering the following questions;
1. why was the study conducted.
2. what were the major findings?
3. which scientific methods were used to estimate the nightmare frequency?
4. what are the future directions for the research?

        Dreams Name Institution Date     Dreams Q1 This research involved an open-label clinical trial on patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The study was purposed to assess the impacts of nabilone on a frequency of nightmares on patients with PTSD (Fraser, 2009). Nabilone is a form of cannabis (marijuana) synthetically made and manipulated to form an endocannabinoid competitor b that can be used for therapeutic purposes. In this case, the research was purposed to determine the ability of nabilone to treat nightmares which are resistant to standard therapies. The rationale behind the study was the desperation of PTSD patients experiencing nightmares as a symptom. According to this study, due to the devastating conditions of these patients, most of them settle for use of drugs and alcohol for their relief.  This study was meant to offer the PTSD patients with a better well-diagnosed treatment using nabilone as pharmacotherapy (Fraser, 2009). Q2 In this study, 47 PTSD patients were the study sample size. Nabilone dosage varied from the initial stage progressing towards the final step depending on its impact on the patients. Out of these 47 patients, 34 of them received a total relief or a massive reduction in the rigorousness of nightmares which proportioned to 72% of the total (Fraser, 2009). The remaining 28% of the patients experienced a reasonable decrease in the severity of nightmares. During the entire period of research, only 4 p...
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