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Erickson Psychological Development Theory (Essay Sample)


Several theories have been used in a attempt to explain brain development. the client required for me to pick one theory and explain how these theory relates to brain development of a child. The paper explains the Erickson psychological development theory that explains the different stages of brain development throughout the human life cycle. The paper also examines the impact that culture has on a child physical and mental development.


Brain Development Theory
Brain Development Theory
From birth all through to death, the brain is constantly developing and undergoing constant change. Several theorists have attempted to examine child development theories, but I found the Erickson psychological theory intriguing. The idea was introduced in the 1950s by psychoanalyst and psychologist Erik Erickson (Orenstein & Lewis, 2020). Erickson, in his approach, compares eight different stages of child development. The essay will examine the five different stages of development as presented by Erickson and the overall impact of culture and early physical development on child development.
Erickson Psychological Development Stages
Erickson, in his theory, discussed children's development from infancy to old age. The stages are as follows: Trust vs. Mistrust, which occurs from birth to approximately 18 months. In this stage, the child is entirely dependent, and their developing trust is dependent on the quality of care they receive (Cherry & Susman, 2020). If the child gets food, love, and warmth, they develop trust and feel safe and secure in the world. However, if the opposite occurs, a child develops

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