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Formal Evaluation of Roller Bags Case Study (Essay Sample)


Describe the ethical business practices this program encompasses. Explain how these business practices are similar to or different from ethical business practices in the United States.
Explain organizational community responsibility, and justify whether this program complies with this requirement.
Describe recommendations for ethical business sustainability practices to meet the needs of the future.
Recommend strategies, based on psychological concepts, for ethically addressing employee- and consumer-related concerns. Describe how this feedback can be implemented in the program.
Evaluate the program's methods of marketing and advertising. Determine whether the program's methods comply with ethical guidelines. Describe ways to ensure that their marketing is honest and transparent.


Formal Evaluation of Roller Bags Case Study
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Introduction of Roller Bags case study
The trouble less fortunate children undergo every day with the heavy luggage of books on their back as they try to achieve their dreams is wanting. Claude Ciseria, having noticed the problem children undergo when moving with bags overweighed with books on their back driven him to start up "the Straighten Up program," which would help eliminate such burden in the society. The program was meant to provide backpacks with rollers to the less fortunate children to save them from the future risk of the overweight of books on their backs. According to Cieria’s belief, the purpose of human beings is to help provide for the less fortunate and the human fraternity as a whole. Consequently, those purchasing the roller bags were guaranteed one extra free bag as a donation to accomplish her belief in her stores. The roller bags were considered ideal for the children’s situation after she noticed that many children in different countries walk miles carrying either heavy backpack full of books that strain their spine or carry other heavy items to schools on their arms, leading to curvature on the spine. The company is a privately owned business with a focus on children. Ideally, the paper outlines the organization's stakeholders with different ways of how to manage them, provide the description of the ethical practices, explain the responsibility of the organization on the community, describe the recommendations for the ethical business sustainability practices to meet the future, recommend strategies based on psychological concepts, for addressing employees, consumers, and related concerns and describe feedback, and finally evaluate the program's methods of marketing and advertising according to my analysis as I/O psychologist.
Organizational stakeholders and ways of managing them
A stakeholder could be said to be an individual, social group, organization or the general society with responsibility in the business or supports it directly or indirectly. An organization is made up of two types of stakeholders that is the secondary and the primary stakeholders. Secondary stakeholders indirectly benefit or associate with the organization, while the primary stakeholders have a direct interest in the organization and associates directly (Avantika Rai 2013). Primary stakeholder includes investors, employees, customers, supplies investors and other directly involved stakeholders. The Straighten Up Program developed by Claude Ciseria consists of her as the first stakeholder, the clients purchasing the roller bags forming the customers, and the investor. They have contributed their funds towards the success of the organization.
Additionally, the needy children accessing the free bags are also considered stakeholders. Moreover, according to David Abraham's model, customer, employees and business partners are considered to be the primary stakeholder groups. On the other hand, he identifies the secondary stakeholders as those forming the opinion in business, authorities in charge, and society.
Management of the stakeholders
Management of stakeholders applies eight ways:
* When kicking off the project, ensure that you identify all the stakeholders with their positions.
* Concur with all the stakeholders about their roles and the project deliverable.
* Ensure proper communication through the right communication channels.
* Understand the basis for handling projects challenges and be prepared all the time.
* Ensure that the project vision can be seen and worked upon and identify what needs to be done
* Work together with all the stakeholders to emphasize the vision of the project.
The ethical business practices involved in this program
Ethical business practices in business can be defined as the professionally and morally responsible actions undertaken within a business. It could also involve the employees' attitude that makes them responsible for their actions towards achieving the dream of the business. The Claires program remarkably portrayed an essential impact on the less fortunate children in dire need of roller bags in communities (Avantika Rai 2013). The primary ethical requirement for this program is for the organization to file an IRS tax return as required by the law. The tax return contains all necessary annual financial information.
Moreover, competitors are no big deal in Straighten Up Company, making them possess complete control over their operations. The Roller bag document provides any reporting obligation. Therefore, the organization has not attained the SEC level. Sec is the Security and Exchange act developed in 1934 for reporting obligation purposes once they become public companies with ten million assets and five hundred shareholders. Children experience different lives in different countries under different laws. According to the US, less than 14 years old children are not allowed to be subjected to any form of labour, even for low wages, until they exceed that age (Shahid et al. 2018).
On the contrary, in other countries, the developing one allows children to perform small tasks for little payments. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, the minimum age for kids to work is 16, with 14 being the minimum employment age for nonagricultural. Developed countries like the US are fortunate to conduct free education unless the parents choose to take children to private, unlike the developing countries like Somalia and Ethiopia, where children are subjected to labour to attain funds for their fees and health.
Organizational community responsivity and compliance to requirements
The case study provides that the Straighten Up program prioritize communities with the neediest children for their donations (Shahid et al. 2018). Thus, playing a significant role in lifting the lives of the children in need and the society at large in terms of education and health needs. The Straighten Up program investors and the original developer does not ask the community for any amount in return for their services and products, thus indicating that they fully comply with the requirements since the case study does not raise any complaint from the bag business operators.
Ethical business sustainability recommendation for future needs
There are three pillars for sustainability: meeting the current needs without interfering with future ability to meet the needs by the new generation, environmental, economic, and social pillar. Suppose the program can increase financial benefit if it partners with a local business to save on cost when producing the roll

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