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Ethics and capital punishment Psychology Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


the sample explains about the capital punishment from the ethical point of view


Virtue Ethics and Capital Punishment
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Virtue Ethics and Capital Punishment
Virtue ethics refer to an individual’s moral character who is partaking a specific action. In particular, it involves the quest of understanding and leading the life of a moral character. Moreover, it assumes that people become virtue through practice. Virtue ethics fosters moral actions and prohibits immoral activities in society. However, several things should be considered before judging whether a person is virtuous or not. In other terms, virtue ethics might come to terms with a contemporary moral issue such as capital punishment. The paper focuses on how virtue ethics can support the death penalty despite the constitutional part that grants all people the right to live.
Capital punishment is the act of sentencing a person to death due to the commitment of a heinous crime. In reality, one primary objective of the government is to safeguard its citizens against all sorts of oppression that might be initiated by criminals. For this reason, anyone who kills or intend to murder another person should be sentenced to death (Sifferd, 2016). In one way or another, no social order can exist in society if the state allows individuals to behave the way they want. However, it is the responsibility of citizens to comprehend the law so that they know what will happen to anyone who goes against it. All policies have their advantages and disadvantages. Consequently, individuals cannot rule out that capital punishment is illegal while they are the ones being protected by this law against heinous acts.

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