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Expounding Sigmund Freud's Perception of Mourning (Essay Sample)


The task was about expounding on Sigmund Freud's perception of mourning


Sigmund Freud’s Perception of Mourning
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Throughout human life, people bond with objects and others, thus developing a strong emotional attachment regarded as love which renders them to ail once the loved objects or persons are lost. To comprehend the process of emotional detachment with loved objects or persons, Sigmund Freud (founder of psychoanalysis) formulated the theory of mourning which regards mourning as a conscious process that renders people detach themselves from their lost loved objects or persons emotionally. Specifically, Freud regards mourning as a conscious process tailored towards accepting the loss of loved objects through emotional detachment from these objects.
In life, mourning is inevitable given that the loss of loved objects or persons is unavoidable, thereby rendering people to grieve once such grave losses are encountered. Freud’s mourning theory identifies that mourners wail due to their internal attachment to a loved object, with mourning being the process one undergoes after learning of the loss of a loved object and accepting its loss upon getting emotionally detached from it (Pearce, 2019). Yes! People mourn differently based on their level of emotional attachment with the lost object or person. However, as Freud identifies, mourning commences with shock and denial upon identifying that a loss has occurred. Due to this news, people ail and regret as they blame themselves for the loss or regret due to failing to be on good terms with the lost person before their demise. As a result, some individuals may get depressed, thus taking longer to recover than others due to delayed acceptance of the loss. Besides, acceptance of the loss is attributed to the cognizance that the lost loved object of a person can never be recovered in people's mortal state.

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