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Forensic Psychology and its Contribution to Forensic Science Essay (Essay Sample)


Forensic psychology techniques


Forensic Psychology and its Contribution to Forensic Science
Forensic Psychology and its Contribution to Forensic Science
Exploring the brains behind the crimes is one line of applied work that picks some psychologists' interest and causes them to work with law enforcement. Forensic is using scientific techniques and tests in connecting and detecting crime. The relationship between the study and practice of psychology and the law is referred to as forensic psychology. Forensic psychology was first started in 1879 by Wilhelm Wundt, known as the father of forensic psychology. Psychologists that take this line of work mostly work in jails, correctional facilities, federal agencies, law firms, police departments, among many others (Mauro, 2010).
Forensic psychologists help apply scientific techniques and methods in crime investigations. Forensic has been very instrumental in solving many crimes that would have, however, never been solved. Many cold cases continue to be translated as new scientific techniques and methods continue to be invented. It is quite impressive to see a case that has been cold for years or even decades being solved because of advancement in forensic evidence (Davies & Beech 2012). Criminals that almost got away with it are apprehended because of forensic evidence that is evaluated years later. It is through forensic psychology that we learn that there are narcissists, psychopaths, and serial killers. These categories of criminals are considered using science by forensic psychologists.
Studies were done on infamous serial killers like Ted Bundy, who murdered dozens of women, reveal that he suffered from psychological issues. Before being captured, he was a normal charismatic, handsome young man (Maranzani, 2020). Ted Bundy deceived many through his charm and was even released the first time he was arrested. He set up his defense and was his lawyer, and he misled the court to allow him to research in the court library where he escaped. It is through forensic psychology that such criminals can be explained and caught. Gary Ridgeways, Tommy Lee, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Samuel Little are among the most notorious serial killers. People like Andrea Gates murdered all her five children by drowning them so that "they would not go to hell." After a psychological evaluation, she was later declared mentally unstable after a previous verdict of guilty. Forensic psychology contributes a lot to forensic science as it helps interpret scientific findings.

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