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Career Portfolio Psychology Essay Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


This is an open ended category where you can choose any written work that you have completed in a psychology or related course that would reflect well on your knowledge and capabilities. For example, you may use a paper you wrote in research methods to show your writing, critical thinking and scientific literacy skills.


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Attached to this letter is my professional portfolio documenting my work and experience submitting as part of my application to pursue a psychology major. The portfolio provides a comprehensive illustration of my work experience and my ambition to apply whatever I learned for this career path.
As a CEO at Success Our Way Inc, I have had numerous interactions with the community and have devoted myself to helping those in need. As a leader of a non-profit establishment, I involve myself with youth intervention programs to help those in need. With this experience, I possess knowledge that is relevant in different aspects of the field as well as other qualities that are essential for a person majoring in this profession.
My engagement in these activities has enabled me to interact well with others and gain an understanding of how to communicate with different people and address their needs. I have also acquired effective communication skills and have become better at collaboration with people from various cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.
My passion has always been to reach out to as many individuals as possible and help them become healthier mentally, psychologically, physically, and economically. The psychological programs I have involved myself in have given me an advantage to gain critical research skills to conduct experiments, quantify, and interpret data. I am cognizant of various behavioral theories and therapeutic models that will give me an upper hand when pursuing this course.

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