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Fostering a Good Therapeutic Relationship (Essay Sample)


The essay basically analyzes skills needed to foster a Good Therapeutic Relationship. Some of the analyzed skills include mutual engagement skills , shared decision-making , good listening and empathetic skills. Overall fostering the above skills makes the client and counselor to relate well resulting in more effective treatment outcomes.


Fostering a Good Therapeutic Relationship
Fostering a Good Therapeutic Relationship
According to Baier et al. (2020), establishing an effective therapeutic relationship is one of the first steps towards facilitating the effective recovery of clients. While an effective therapeutic relationship is not always automatic, counselors need to cultivate several skills to ensure that they form an effective therapeutic relationship with their clients. From my perspective, my most essential skills in fostering a successful counselor/client relationship include mutual engagement. Basically, mutual engagement skills are crucial because they increase collaboration and communication between a client and a counselor, building more trust between them and eventually an effective therapeutic relationship. Another essential skill is shared decision-making. Basically, shared decision-making skills help make clients feel empowered as they are able to decide some treatment details, building trust with a counselor and eventually an excellent therapeutic relationship (Baier et al., 2020). Other skills that I found essential in fostering a successful counselor/client relationship are good listening and empathetic skills. Basically, good listening and empathetic skills are crucial since they help counselors effectively recognize clients' messages and

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