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Helicopter Parent Psychology Essay Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


The task required the writer to research about Helicopter Parent
the sample discusses what term Helicopter Parent and the effect it has on the growth and development of individuals.


Helicopter Parent
Helicopter Parent
Every parent is unique in their ways of rearing children and contribute to the difference in behaviors and personalities. One of the categories is the helicopter parent where a parent (either father or mother), is extremely concerned with the problems and issues their children face and especially while at school. This way of raising a child is common in the present times. An example of this occurred in the life of my friend called Jeremy. His mother used to sleep late writing an essay for him and other assignments. The behavior affected the manner in which Jeremy did school activities, leading to poor performance in his tests. As time passed, his mother failed to encourage autonomy in him. According to Schiffrin and Liss (2017), parents need to impart skills to their children, where they would be allowed to face new challenged as well as failing some test, but they are sure to always love them. Doing so encourage them to perform difficult tasks on their own and therefore, improve their academic results. Fostering a sense of attaining good grades is by far much important than doing every bit of assignment on behalf of teens. Without making their own choice, such objectives are difficult to attain.

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