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Human Services: Model of Service Delivery (Essay Sample)


Discuss the founding philosophy of the human services model of service delivery.
2. Compare and contrast the medical, public health, and human services models of service delivery:
a. In what manner do these models overlap?
b. In what manner are these models supportive of each other?
3. Describe the relationship between the community mental health center movement and the medical
model? (Refer to the movie “Bedlam” if you would like to use it as an example.)
4. Address the ways innovative human service leaders can organize, and deliver services to reduce
the fragmentation of services and provide holistic, consumer-centric services.
a. Discuss the current challenges and advantages of telehealth service delivery.
5. Describe how you would measure the effectiveness of an integrated human services system that
combines the medical, public health, and human services models of care. Be specific.
6. Locate and discuss a peer-reviewed journal article published in 2020 or 2021 that relates in some
way to human service delivery or an integrated model of care.
7. Support your ideas from course resources and external resources. Be sure to use APA style to cite
and list in your reference section, at minimum, the textbook, your journal article/s, and movie (if
you referred to it).


Introduction to Human Service
The service delivery model comprises public, medical, and human service models. Depending on the nature of the problem and the intensity, the three models are practical to humanity. Human services revolve between environment and individual, trying to balance both of them. For instance, the behavior of patients with mental illness will automatically change. In this scenario, the human service model will engage the patient's treatment plan by incorporating the patient's individual and environment. While using the human service model, a person needs to focus on the positive and negative impacts. Suppose you consider the three service delivery models that can serve one client or patient based on their help to resolve their problems. Sometimes professionals using the models have their preferences depending on the nature of the problem.
Each model of service delivery contains specific philosophical assumptions that incorporate its practices. Some of these assumptions reflect beliefs describing the cause and nature of the problem, treatment plan, and the impact of professionals in the model. 

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