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Internet Influence on Kids (Essay Sample)


As more people around the world gain access to all the tools of the digital age, the internet will play a greater role in everyday life. And so far, people in emerging and developing nations say that the increasing use of the internet has been a good influence in the realms of education, personal relationships and the economy. But despite all the benefits of these new technologies, on balance people are more likely to say that the internet is a negative rather than a positive influence on morality write an essay discribing the pros and cons of internet usage to kids. format needed should be apa 6th edition with atleast 3 references. total words needed should be between two hundred and fifty to five hundred with citation page excluded.


Internet Influence on Kids
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In the past few years, the number of people using the internet has increased greatly. Among the user are youths and kids. The usage of the internet, particularly by kids, has been increasing very fast. However, it should be noted that, despite the positive impact of the internet on people's lives, when it comes to kids, it has both positive and negative effects (Haddon, Görzig & Ólafsson, 2011). 

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