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Online Social Identity (Essay Sample)

the task was about the topic on online social identity where this sample provides its insights source..
Online Social Identity Name University Affiliation Online Social Identity Reports advanced by Pew Internet and American life project indicate that most individuals prefer texting over making phone calls. Initially, this habit was prevalent among young people but over the years, it has spread to include older generations (Irvine, 2012). Communication experts argue that texting interferes with the art of conversation. Frequent texting limits the ability to develop interpersonal and social skills that are integral in the workplace. Texting and making phone calls are not different since they both convey information. However, oral communication boosts the art of conversation as opposed to texting. A majority of individuals utilize networking sites to interact. As a result, they create a social media identity that contains their photos, videos, and messages (Alberta Government, n.d.). Apparently, this identity is an important concept in socializing. Therefore, it is crucial to maintaining an effective profile to create a good impression and relationship with employers, friends, and family. In essence, people need to be certain about their networking options, which include blogs, online forums, and social media sites. As well, a frequent evaluation of social media habits and tackling negative posts are crucial in creating a positive online social identity (Alberta Government, n.d.). Furthermore, online social identities are crucial in determining the personalities of people. They offer vital information that is important in learning about the human psychology. For instance, extroverts are more inclined to incorporate the words "party" and "weekend" in their Facebook profiles (Lebowitz, 2013). People with agreeable personalities tend to use "church" and "excited”. Essentially, emotionally stable individuals updated statuses discussing social events and athletics. According to Hill (2012), .information on social media profiles can be useful to human resource managers. They provide insight into an individual’s pe...
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