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Personal apllication essay Psychology Essay Research (Essay Sample)


apply some aspect of psychology to your personal life


Personal Application Essay
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Social psychology
Typically, individual differences usually have the defining characteristics of a person, and they have varied benefits. The most pronounced differences in individuals include intelligence and values, and they play an integral role in shaping an individual's life. There are varied types of intelligence, and everyone has a unique IQ; for instance, below 50 are referred to as slow learners while above 120 are described as geniuses. Most of the time, I find it mesmerizing because my intelligence level has enhanced my confidence in studies and real-life situations. I have been working on a small construction firm, and every time I seek to leave the organization, the management is always clinging to me since I am creative. Moreover, individual differences are contributed by race, economic status, and sex. These factors influence the level of intelligence1.
However, no specific race can be categorized as genius people because everyone is born uniquely. Notably, individual differences are hereditary; for example, I inherited my grandfather's intelligence, who was a renowned businessman in the community. Individual indifferences have played an integral role in my life since they produce different cognition levels and shape individuals' lives. Critical thinking and creativity are embedded in the level of intelligence, which is defined by individual differences. Psychology relies on these traits to determine a person's values. Values are beliefs about what is right or wrong, and they gauge the success and inclusivity in a community. I have learned different techniques on how to accommodate individual differences in life. For example, capitalizing on my abilities and personality, in this case, I have known most of the traits in my family hierarchy.

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