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Sigmund Freud’s Understanding of Narcissism (Essay Sample)


Write a concise 2-page expository essay that answers one of the following questions.
• How does Freud understand the concept of “narcissism”?
• How does Freud understand the concept of “mourning”?
Please double-space, and type using size-12, Times New Roman font. Please avoid using direct quotations, unless they are short and cited correctly.


Freud’s Understanding of Narcissism
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Freud’s Understanding of Narcissism
Narcissism remains one of the most obscure and problematic concepts in the existing psychoanalysis theories. Narcissism can be defined as the excessive admiration of oneself both in terms of personality and physical appearance (Symington & Grotstein, 2018). It is rooted in the ancient Greek mythology about a handsome and proud young man Narcissus that could not stop staring at his own reflection until he died (Baranger, 2018). It is only until the 20th century that the concept of narcissism was termed as a disorder and became an issue of scientific interest in psychology. Sigmund Freud, one of the famous psychological authors proposed an intricate set of ideas suggesting that narcissism is linked to where an individual’s energy (libido) lies; whether inwards (towards oneself) or 

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