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Effects of Racial Profiling (Essay Sample)


Describe the effects of racial profiling in american society
this sample is about a task i completed on the above topic


Effects of Racial Profiling
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Effects of Racial Profiling
Racial profiling has persisted in American society for many decades. Essentially, racial profiling targets minorities, but its impacts extend to the greater American society. Generally, racial profiling disrupts social stability since it negatively impacts indicators of a stable society, including health, education, and social cohesion. The effects of racial profiling on American society include a reduced sense of citizenship, increased criminal activity, and mental disorders.
The first effect of racial profiling is a reduced sense of citizenship. Racially profiled Americans, particularly Latinos and Africans, often feel left out in the progress of the US. Harris (2020) found that individuals belonging to racially discriminated groups do not feel like equal members of American society. This effect occurs on individuals whose families have lived in the US for generations and recent immigrants. Therefore, racial profiling makes minorities less engaged in socio-political matters of the country.
The second effect of racial profiling on US social stability is increased criminal activity. Contrary to what most Americans believe, racial profiling does not diminish crime among minorities but rather increase it. Harris (2020) found that when law enforcers discriminate against people racially, they fail to factor in the suspect’s race as pertinent input. For this reason, they also fail to create distinct expectations concerning the crime rate between the two races. However, they have to form expectations concerning the aggregate crime rate. Therefore, racial profiling results in increased criminal activity within communities.
Lastly, racial profiling increases the prevalence of mental disorders among minorities. Racial discrimination is considered a mental health issue since the practice results in trauma. According to Laurencin and Walker (2020), racial minorities who have encountered racial harassment and discrimination from police experienced stress and trauma, which are signs and symptoms of Post

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