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Key points on APA Ethics Code Laws (Essay Sample)


the paper was about the ethical issues that are tio be observed by the psychologist in U.S when dealing with the patients in the counseling sessions.


Summary on Key points on APA Ethics Code Laws
Summary on Key points on California APA Ethics Code Laws
There are particular psychological principles in 2020 Laws and Regulations Books in the California Professional Codes, including American Psychology Association Ethics Guideline. The book has two parts which are the Statute and the Regulation. The Statute is a set of written laws approved by legislatures and signed by the Governor of California. A member of the California legislature must propose any changes to an existing before alterations are made. The Bill that intends to modify the Statute must contain both the original language of presentation with the intended language of the amendment. The Bill can also be sponsored by an external party such as The Board of Psychology. However, whoever Bill's sponsor is must pass through all the required committees on the floors of both houses of California legislature before it can reach the Governor to sign it into law (Bucky,  Callan & Stricker, 2013). Regulation, however, is the rule adopted to interpret and implement a specific Statute in the Board's Practice Act. Whenever the two conflicts, then the Statute overrides the regulation. The regulation is handmade by the California office of the Administrative Law (OAL) through the Rulemaking rather than the Legislature.
In Psychological profession within California have a specific Code of Ethics that they follow that bears certain Ethical Standards. The APA had their first publication of the Codes of Standards in 1953, which has undergone several evolutions. The codes of standards are set out to streamline the expectations of conduct in the professional field with legal ramifications in violation. The codes are not meant to keep unscrupulous persons out of trouble but help the Psychologist make sound decisions in their professional interactions. The codes have been reviewed severally by California's legislature to ensure it is in line with all ethical principles, which are the APA guidelines that tune all the ethical choices for the Psychologist.
The principles set out by the APA Code of ethics must fulfill the following. They have to be beneficent and non-maleficent, that is, protect the rights and welfare of all those they work with by eliminating any biases. The Psychologist must observe fidelity and responsibility in all their professional duties. All the activities carried out must comply with the APA integrity standards with no intention to deceive or misrepresent the organization for individual interest (Cooper, 2000). In whatever way a psychologist deals with their clients, they must observe fairness and impartiality that ends in equal treatment for all. To achieve all the above principles, the Psychologist has to respect all People's Rights and preserve their dignity through the privacy and confidentiality of both colleagues and clients equally. Any violation of the Codes by a Psychologist leads to a disciplinary course that involves psychological associations, licensing board and all government agencies that shall impose sanctions on the accused professional if found guilty. Illegal d

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