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The Role of Cognition and Thought in Learning (Essay Sample)


Write a one-page, double-spaced paper discussing the role of cognition and thought in learning. Consider how this approach differs from conditioning as a learning process.
Use current APA format, and include in-text citations and sources for all references. Review the rubric for more grading information. Review the rubric for more grading information.


The Role of Cognition and Thought in Learning

Consider how this approach differs from conditioning as a learning process

Learning is a great area of a person’s life. Learning happens throughout an individual’s life over time through different experiences and exposure to various processes. Learning is experienced when a person is exposed to knowledge and information over a certain period. Cognition is the ability to gain perception and thoughts through various mental processes, which facilitates the mental process of getting knowledge and comprehending through sensory cues, experience and opinions (Yilmaz, 2011). It is a good facilitator of acquiring knowledge. Cognition can be summed up as the practice of obtaining knowledge and understanding, engaging in certain thoughts and memories, and judging and solving problems. On the other hand, thoughts are a sum of the outcomes of diverse mental processes within human cognition faculties and are also responsible for learning. Thoughts help develop ideas, theories and facts that are an outcome of human cognition.

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