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A Myth (Essay Sample)


The task of this paper was to research on any type of myth and the people that practiced. This sample paper provides detailed information on the myth believed by the Abagusii who are believed to have originated from West Africa. The paper expounds on the factors that contributed to Abagusii movement to their current locations in Kenya.

A myth is an ancient story that deals with supernatural creatures, ancestors, heroes, or events that play significant roles in human lives. There are diverse types of myths in the world, and some of them include myth about origin of sin, origin of death, and the origin of a group of people or tribe. This paper will detail on the myth of the Abagusii, the founder of the Gusii people located in East Africa. It will detail on how Abagusii ended up being the most spread tribe in Kenya.
The Abagusii are believed to have originated from West Africa during the time of slave trade. As hunters and gatherers, the Abagusii moved from country to country in search of fertile land and pasture and eventually landed in Northern part of Kenya. Their population pressure led to some of them moving downwards to fertile lands in Nyanza Province. Currently, the Abagusii are widely spread in fertile lands in Kenya. However, the majority of them are located in Nyanza province, a province that borders Uganda. The Abagusii are the majority of the Bantu speaking people in Kenya. In addition to taking part in farming, the Abagusii are believed to be good in taming animals.
Most people in Kenya believe that the Abagusii used their knowledge in making iron tools in capturing most parts of Kenya. Additionally, some of the people in Kenya believe that the Abagusii were the ones who introduced the use of iron tools in most parts of Kenya. This is because of not only their industrious farming activities, but also their location...
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