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Interventions That Apply Scripture In Psychotherapy (Essay Sample)


The samples is about the interventions that apply scripture in psychotherapy


Interventions that Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy by Garzon, Fernando
Summary It is sometimes challenging for Christian therapist to develop treatment components that integrate the Bible. Formatted as a case study, this article describes various strategies that a clinician may use scripture within psychotherapy interventions. The author also aimed at increasing the awareness of therapists in these techniques. This article utilizes the case of George to give examples of various interventions strategies. George is a fictional character who possesses issues that most people go through. He dealt with depression on and off, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts and sleepless nights. He has been a regular Christian for more than two years, and he finds the church to be a good source of solace. However, he does not feel comfortable, and he thinks that people of the church will take him as a loser when they realize what he is going through. George dreams of being a pilot but finds this dream simply unattainable because of his low self-esteem. Garzon envisages issues surrounding scripture interventions. The article relates interventions that utilize implicit scripture, Theo-educational, cognitive, psycho educational, behavioral, and affective experiential approaches. Ethical issues are also of great concern within this discussion. According to Garzon (2005); an individual must acknowledge that, within these interventions, there must be dual relationships, an imposition of values and issues such as competence and informed consent of the counselor may arise, and boundaries between the church and the state may be violated. To avoid these ethical concerns, there should be inclusive conformed consent, inclusive assessments that clearly reflects the spiritual beliefs of the client, and proper usage of the scripture interventions only within specific clients (Garzon, 2005). Garzon asserts that to avoid negative outcomes such as guilt, the religious background of both client and counselor must be positive. It is also vital to incorporate values of the therapists as part of the assessment. . The author concluded that there are various other ways of using Scripture as an intervention in quest for a therapy with a Christian client who wants this type of experience. The word of God is a potent resource that should be used by clinicians provided the correct measures and procedures are used and abided by (Garzon, 2005).
Reflection “Interventions that apply Scripture in Psychotherapy” is not an exhaustive literature review of all interventions that can include scripture as a resource; on the contrary the article aimed at: first, increasing the awareness of Christian therapists and various types of Scripture interventions available. Secondly, to encourage divinely inspired creativity that will ensure development of strategies to incorporate the Holy Word of god in Christian Psychotherapy. The Bible is as a source of healing powers to many Christians. Whatever the approach an individual take in relation to Christian therapy, people are to differentiate how the Bible’s ...
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