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Religion & Theology
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Antiquity and Indigenous Religions Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


Week V Discussion—Antiquity and Indigenous Religions


Week V Discussion—Antiquity and Indigenous Religions
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Week V Discussion—Antiquity and Indigenous Religions
The key materials were Religion before History, Understanding Indigenous Religions, and African Indigenous Religion. Indigenous religion portrays significant variety and similarities. Ancient religions were mostly characterized by geographical location, community involvement, rituals, a dynamic structure, and belief in gods (Partridge, 2018). Every indigenous group lived in a specific bioregion, from which they derived their belief and expectations. For example, those who lived in the rainforest regions had gods for rain, fertility, and harvest. The strong environmental beliefs enabled them to live harmoniously. Besides, they rarely had sacred written texts. The beliefs centered on costumes, dances, masks, sacred objects, and rituals. The ancient religions transmitted wisdom, history, and cultural values through storytelling, myths, art, and drama. Finally, the indigenous religions believed in spirits and gods who controlled weather, success, illness, and harvest. The diviners connected the people to the spiritual world because they could read the signs and

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