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Do You Think Atheism Will Eventually Become More Prominent Than Religious Belief? Why? (Essay Sample)


Topic: Do you think atheism will eventually become more prominent than religious belief? Why?
The essay should be two pages long (275 words per page) + title page and reference page. All the formatting instructions are explained in our Writing Guide (here). Please be attentive and follow all guidelines, as our editor will check your essay with reference to these instructions.
Please read the requirements below for the sample essay:
1. Follow the correct format:
a. 1 inch margins on all sides
b. Times New Roman or Arial, font 12
c. Double spaced
d. APA citation style (pay attention to accurate referencing!).
2. In order to make your paper logical in its flow, we recommend you choose a ‘5-paragraph essay‘ structure for your sample paper. This is the most common and easily understood structure for a short essay. In a 5-paragraphessay, each paragraph has its purpose:
a. 1st - introductory paragraph. This should contain a thesis sentence, which is the main idea your paper will defend or discuss.
b. 2nd, 3rd and 4th - body paragraphs. Each paragraph should represent a specific idea or thought that is important for your essay, and should contribute to supporting the key argument of your essay.
c. 5th paragraph - conclusion. This last paragraph should not contain new ideas. It should only summarize the ideas you have already laid out in your paper and logically conclude the entire writing.
3. What to avoid in your writing:
a. Run-on sentences - a type of sentence in which 2 or more independent ideas are not separated by comas or full stops. Such sentences are incomprehensible and are generally considered a mistake typical of an inferior writing style.
b. Too short or too large paragraphs - each paragraph should not be less than 3 lines and should not exceed your other paragraphs. The amount of writing required to support your ideas should be more or less equal. The paragraphs should also not be too short, since they all have to contain their own introductory sentence, body and concluding sentence.
c. Long citations - cite original sources only when it is really needed. Avoid useless citations intended merely to add to the word count. Also, be sure to correctly format your citations according to the required citation style. Remember to use specific format requirements for large citations (check the relevant citation style guide for more details).
d. Confused thoughts and ideas - it is important that your writing is easily understood and ‘user-friendly‘. Whatever the topic of your writing, it should be easy to read. Avoid complexity and, instead, simplify your thoughts.
4. Timely delivery. Make sure you upload your paper on time. If you fail to do so, your paper may not be accepted.
5. Proofread your writing after completion.
6. Do not copy-paste. Plagiarized papers will be turned down immediately. An essay should contain your ideas or your research. Be sure to cite your sources appropriately whenever you outsource your information.


Do You Think Atheism Will Eventually Become More Prominent than Religious Belief? Why?
Do You Think Atheism will Eventually Become More Prominent than Religious Belief? Why?
New surveys and studies in America are coming out all the time that show the dramatic increase in atheism and decrease religious belief. While religious belief is still by far more popular, the margins are starting to shrink. This is causing some excitement for non-believers and worry for believers. The question remains, however, whether atheism will eventually become more prominent than religious belief. Given the current trends in America, and what we are seeing in Europe and other locations overseas, it does seem distinctly possible that for the first time in history, atheism will be more prominent than religious belief.
When thinking about whether or not this will occur, one of the first things to consider is the fact that there has been such a growth in the number of people who don’t have any specific religious community they belong to. They are commonly called, ‘spiritual but not religious.’ While these people do believe in god, it is more of an abstract construct than any concrete belief. Many people have seen this as something of a stepping stone toward atheism for those who just aren’t quite ready to reject all belief in a higher power (Williamson & Yancey, 2013). Even if many of them don’t ever become atheists, they aren’t raising their children with any specific set of beliefs, which means they will be more likely to grow up to be atheists.
There is no doubt that more and more people are identifying themselves as either atheists or agonistics. Many people wonder, however, whether these are actually people who formerly believed in a god or they are just now more open to the idea of identifying themselves in this way. Regardless of why more people are identifying as atheists, however, as people become more public about their lack of beliefs it will encourage more people to consider their arguments (Williamson & Yancey, 2013). Whenever you have people evaluating their long held beliefs, you will have at least some of them abandoning them, which means a growth in atheism.
Many people today are looking for ways to make their lives easier and less complicated. There is a strong argument to make that says being an atheist is going to be much easier than having religious belief. While there are certainly quite a few ‘evangelical atheists’ who spend a lot of time and energy thinking and talking about religious topics, many more just disregard the topic all together (Rodrigues, 2010). For those who don’t w...
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