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Biblical Metanarrative Analysis Essay Sample (Essay Sample)


It was an essay paper to discuss biblical meta-narrative


Biblical Metanarrative
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Biblical Metanarrative
The biblical meta-narrative is a unique storyline that presents a divine logic incorporating the stories in the Bible to show that God is one, has a plan, and is a complete story (Toth, 2019). The narrative covers Genesis to Revelation and centers on God, who is the creator of everything and the ruler. The Biblical stories that show God’s ultimate victory are the creation, fall of man, incarnation of Jesus Christ, death, and resurrection. This discussion post describes a Biblical meta-narrative basing on the creation and fall of man, redemption, and creation.
Biblical Metanarrative
The four main plot stories in biblical meta-narrative are creation, fall of man, redemption, and new creation, which give a biblical-theological guideline on God and the church’s mission (Steffen, 2018). According to Genesis, the first book of the Bible, God undertook to create everything in seven days from a formless and desolate form (Genesis 1 - 2 New King James Version). The creation movement described the creation in Genesis. God himself did the creation in seven days. First, God created forms in the first three days, and from the fourth to the sixth day, he created creatures to fill the forms. God rested on the seventh day and reigned over all creation since he had completed working.
Creation Story
God created man to worship him and follow his commands so that he can enjoy fellowship with God forever. However, the man sinned against God when he ate fruit in the middle of the garden of Eden, leading to his fall. Disobedience annoyed God, and his presence was separated from man and denied the paradise resembling the creation’s seventh day. The snake tricked Eve to eat the fruit, which then asked her companion to eat part of the fruit, and the sin entered the world (Chapman, 2019). The man’s fall, which originated from the serpent, made the world sinful and evil, for example, Cain killing Abel.
Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Fortunately, God sent Jesus Christ, his son, to die and save humankind since he wanted to restore their broken relationship. God and man entered a new covenant during Jesus’ death, and resurrection and the broken relationship was repaired. Whoever believes in Jesus Christ shall not perish but shall acquire new bodies and live forever with God, which marks the final phase of restoration (John 3:16 New King James Version). Those who will not believe in Jesus Christ shall receive condemnation and suffer in hell.
Restoration of God’s Hope for Humanity
Throughout the meta-narrative, the main themes are love and hope, where God loved humankind before creation and made everything so that man can enjoy. Even though the man later disobeyed, he still sent his son so that whoever believes in him can have eternal life. Jesus is the hope of humanity since he came to restore the broken relationship between man and God and gave man h

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