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Exegesis Paper for the Story of the Ten Lepers (Essay Sample)


Exegesis Paper for the Story of the Ten Lepers


Exegesis Paper for the Story of the Ten Lepers
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Exegesis Paper for the Story of the Ten Lepers
The Ten Lepers' story in Luke: 11-19 shows that caring for the marginalized can help people identify other qualities that these individuals may possess and positively contribute to society. The ten lepers comprised of individuals excluded from the community due to their condition, and one of them was doubly excluded because he was a Samaritan. Understanding the different aspects of compassion towards people excluded from society is significant because it relates to people who are sidelined in communities and treated as outsiders and less important based on where they come from or who they are. Jesus values such individuals and shows them love, and encourages people to emulate him in valuing the marginalized. The book of Luke 17:11-19 demonstrates Christ's love for the belittled through the following events: cleansing of the ten lepers, contrasting between the Samaritan and the other nine Lepers, and Jesus offering more than physical healing to the Samaritan.
Most people used to discriminate against Lepers similarly to racism and bigotry and associated it with God's punishment. Therefore, people suffering from the disease were considered sinners and were said to have brought the misfortune to themselves. By healing the ten lepers without conditions, Jesus rejects the cultural perceptions that subject factions of the community's population to discrimination (Wilson, 2020). The miracle happened on the road between Samaria and Galilee. Samaria is the Old Testament version of Israel, also referred to as Judah. Jews despised the region and perceived people from these areas as less important. Galilee had a higher perceived status, and this is because of Greek and Roman cultures dominant in this region. According to Luke 17:11, Jesus was traveling along Galilee's and Samaria's border while heading to Jerusalem. Together with his disciples, Jesus intended to focus and minister in Galilee, which was in the south, while he got closer to the final confrontation point in Jerusalem. Jesus was moving along a border region at the southern extremity of the Galilee province and at the northern end where Samaritans were found. The scripture points out that the event happened in an area of mixed races, which suggests to the reader that the beneficiary is going to be a Samaritan (Wilson, 2020). The book of Luke was written by Saint Luke, Saint Paul, and the apostle's companion (Mathew, 2012). There is no much information about Saint Luke the evangelist, but the available information indicates that he was a Gentile physician. It is possible that he accompanied Paul in some of the missions. Paul describes him as a physician and a coworker. The coworker's accolade is more significant as it makes him stand out as the professionals who played the role of teaching and preaching. Even though his medical skills may have influenced his livelihood, his main priority was promoting Christian missions.

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