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Significance of Religious Principles and Idealism in Marketing Management (Essay Sample)


this is paper links the relationship between faith and learning and why the integration of faith in learning is significant


Integration of Faith and Learning
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Faith-based marketing is essential for organizations that intend to reach a market base where Christians are the majority or have the greatest purchase power. The use of the bible in marketing management has a signal impact on the consumers as it shows the organization is committed to fair business practices and ethics. The use of scriptures in marketing has also illustrated a correlation between marketing and religious messages. A detailed and careful examination of several scriptural readings can be directly compared to organizations' marketing management strategies. Marketing management is concerned with how an organization practically applies management techniques and marketing strategies for controlling its marketing activities and resources.
The Scripture
In terms of marketing management, the scripture reading of Joshua 1:19 shows how religious principles and idealism can be used in marketing. Joshua 1:9 entails strong words that underlie an encouraging and persuasive force. The reading asserts, “Have I not commanded you?” This segment of the scripture presents a very powerful tool for marketing management. For a marketing manager to be successful, he needs to be “strong and courageous," as illustrated in the scripture. For example, an organization's marketing strategies need to be “strong and courageous” to explore new market bases or introduce new products. The other segment of the scripture, “do not be afraid, do not be discouraged," is also similar to marketing managing principles (Buzelin et al., 2015). Marketing is usually full of disappointments, as there are times when no strategy seems right for a particular market. An attribute of marketing management is that sometimes a firm has to take a position having uncertain outcomes. Marketing is often challenging as there are competitors who are actively seeking to replace an organization. In such circumstances, the market situation may become unfriendly and hostile. Marketing managers will resort to encouraging their team using various texts. Scriptures such as Joshua 1:9 fit such contexts as they directly address the team's feelings at that particular time. After going through such a reading, the marketers will not be afraid to 

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