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Christian Worldview Analysis Essay (Essay Sample)


Apply christian worldview in different aspects if life. Explain how does it make an impact towards to oneself and the environment. In the sample i provided perspective and attitude based on how a christian would think and act following his or her ethics. It is also included how does it benefit others by setting a role and influence others


Christian Worldview
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Christian Worldview
Religion plays a significant asset when it comes to our perception in life, it affects how we see things that are vital in decision making and even in developing oneself for a better society. Even though only 4 percent of people in the United States have a worldview based on biblical beliefs as per the research conducted by Barna Research Group, it was seen how moral beliefs have been influenced by this.
To further understand what worldview is, thorough research has been made, where it was explained that this is how humans view reality and creates a sense of life concerning the world. David Noebel, the author of Understanding the Times quoted “Any ideology, philosophy, theology, movement, or religion that provides an overarching approach to understanding God, the world and man’s relations to God and the world”, as to how he understands the concept of worldview. It was said that someone with a worldview is a collection of all the things he or she believes to be true and affects how you respond in different aspects of life.
On the other hand, the biblical worldview is formed by the precise Word of God. It is where a person allows the world of the Bible to be true and serves it as a foundation for themselves. This comes with seriousness in adhering to its learnings and correlating it in your life. The reason why this biblical worldview matter is not only because of the need to have or create faith, but this is also applying morals on how we communicate and act not only to the closest people around us but to the environment. It also aims for an in-depth relation and unwavering faith in God who will guide us on giving and sharing our point of view that we see as appropriate and suitable for the situation.
Vocation, Academic Major and Career
As an extroverted person, it has been helpful when it comes to my academic track. I can easily give and ask for help. Apart from that, I was able to overcome any thoughts about shyness. This helps me a lot since I am not the type of person who knows it all and would like to ensure if I understand or we are on the same page. It avoids any misunderstanding concerning the topic and helps to clear the line for any existing issues that may affect my learning process.
Taking an academic course that focuses on Business Administration has been a great challenge. There is no easy career indeed, and every profession must e treated with equal respect. The key component why I am still here is because God gave me a chance to prove myself.
I am not seeing myself in any academic path and just thinking to enroll whichever is available without considering it impacts my future. I am only seeing it as a way of getting a paper that will help me in getting any future job moving forward.
But I end up in Business Administration which I think is God’s calling that I should be in here. I was able to enjoy learning and performing tasks that are related to this career. I even have the chance of managing the church’s finance because of my knowledge and help to ensure that the budget is spread out fairly on different aspects.
Having a Christian worldview in choosing your academic path and career is very important, it gives you guidance on what you must choose that God thinks is the best fit for you. It also relates to my ethical value of making sure that I would stay righteous.
It is also a sign of God leading us to the right path and providing a job that will support our needs so we can continue living and praising him for the unconditional love he has given us.
Church Membership
We can agree that the church is the foundation of our biblical worldview it helps us to be connected to the God who is our creator. This is the place where his learnings can be given, and his way can be taught to anyone. At first, I wasn't sure enough how a membership inside the church would be helpful. However, I was able to recognize the word of God by participating and joining multiple activities that were held by the church in coordination a worshipping God's name. I was able to fully understand and get a grasp of how He can impact my decision in life especially my worldview. It has a significant role in my life for it has become my core in establishing my conviction in life.
Even though I already have my worldview before I enter the church and be a part of it, there is a radical change when it comes to having a Christian Worldview this gives me a better idea of how God can influence my life in any possible way of teachings and stories from the Bible gave me a better understanding on how the decisions can affect our society.
The church that I am attending has a great relation, we can share our viewpoints and get respectful opinions with no hurtful judgments from everyone this was also supported by the higher-ups of the church where they are also imparting their knowledge and beliefs regarding issues not only concerning the church but the society as a whole.
In the article “Characteristic features of the Christian concept of God” (n.d.) Where it was discussed that in the Christian worldview we should accept God as the creator, the Lord of history, and the judge, and this belief was embodied by our church creating a firmer faith. The church also contributed to how I was able to discover my inner self or my spirituality. they allowed me to get a grasp of my core as a further understanding of my existence. It also helped me on getting a clear view of how I can correlate my physical self to divinity.
From my standpoint, I was able to ensure how the church can greatly impact my Christian worldview as they serve as the foundation of my belief concerning God, where I can anchor and stabilize myself if any struggles, difficulties, or challenges may be encountered in my life and create hope and confidence to hold on for a better future (Dockery, n.d.)
Singleness, Marriage, and Family
Upon taking the 16personalities test where I was able to get the result of ENFJ-A it affects my romantic relationship in a positive manner. As a description of my result, I am mostly extraverted where I can display my confidence in expressing my feelings to my partner this helps the both of us better understand the opinions and beliefs of each site and create a harmonious relationship.
Apart from that my personality shows how I am resistant to stress that I may encounter once I have my own family, as I display the ability to be assertive makes me more firm in providing the right decisions that are relevant in shaping a family.
As a person who is still not married my opinion regarding singleness marriage and family was greatly influenced by my Christian worldview. An example of this is the way I see that marriage must come first before being sexually active, in this belief it exhibits respect to the principles of marriage that should apply.
This is not only a unification of genders that is bound by law, but God created this as a sacred union of men and women. This prepares both parties in establishing a strong foundation not only bonded by love but also a sign of sharing each other's minds and life.
Even though marriage is seen as a public demonstration of love between two people creating a strong and lifelong commitment the Christian worldview gives me a deep understanding that it is more than symbolism to stay together in bad and good times. It is also a commitment of giving your life to your other half, as one of the commandments “You shall not commit adultery” that gives us the understanding of how to value the essence of marriage (Christianity, n.d.)
Community Service and Citizenship
Performing community service and being a part of the citizens who will contribute a big part in establishing and strengthening the society is a significant role. This includes how I manage to interact and socialize with other people.
As a result of my 16 personalities test, I was able to get the result of being a protagonist where it was stated that I am a natural-born leader who is passionate and dedicated to doing the duty. Part of this is how I will approach those people who are close to me especially my friends that may be under my authority, I always keep a clear line or separate our friendship in performing duties and would like to treat everyone fairly with no biases that may hinder my leadership that can result in an argument.
Being a citizen of my nation is only not a role but a responsibility to abide by its law. Our sole purpose is the ensure that we can keep peace and help with the continuous development of the community. As an active participant of the society, I am committed to joining and empowering the word of God to be known by the youth. I dedicated myself to this work to help younger generations who lost their interest and grasp on religion restore their faith. This impacts their conviction how they would like to drive their life in moving forward. My Christian worldview gives me a better path to where to lead them and how I can set a good example base on the Christian teachings according to the bible and the church. In this process, I was able to impart my knowledge and belief in a positive way of influencing their life forward to their future.
It is indeed important to relate our religious faith in being a responsible citizen it guides us to become a good citizen.
As Nyhagen, L., and Halsaa, B. (2016) cited religious faith may also prevent a person’s belongingness towards an organization...

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