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The Bible: Summary of Mueller (Essay Sample)


The bible


The Bible
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The Bible
Summary of Mueller
Mueller talks about a covenant, and how it is created. He highlights the roles of the two parties involved in the covenant. It highlights a life in relationship to God and notes that it should relate to the original purpose with which God created us. Typically, God wants us to follow his ways through his word. The word is thus historical and as articulated in 1st Corinthians 13:12, God often communicates to humans throughout their lives. There is thus some form of default covenant between humans and God. However, for human beings, keeping the covenant is always challenging.
Important Theological Themes of Torah
According to Mueller (1996), the important theological themes in Torah include the divine inductions given to man by God. There is also the relationship between God and humanity, which is manifested in the God’s love to his chosen people; the Israelites. There is also the essential theme of God’s covenant to humanity, and the consequences of not keeping the covenant intact. Punishment and redemption, and the “continuous cycle of falling away” are also the essential themes of Torah. These theological themes are important. Knowing the relationship between man and God enables humans to seek divine intervention. Additionally, a covenant between man and God helps in knowing how much God has purposed to humans. Torah is essential in today’s lives.
How people can be prophetic today.
At times, prophecy can be perceived to be primarily a proclamation, and not a prediction. Therefore, in the present day, people can be prophetic by simply following the scripture. By following the scripture, they will achieve a fulfilled life with high spiritual nourishment, which can make them have visions. This implies that they can be prophetic through visions which can be through the inspiration of God himself. Primarily, this shows that a person will need to proclaim the envisioned word of God. This shows that it is entirely a proclamation.
Apocalyptic Literature
Being obedient can at times bring hopes for future. for example, the phrase like “leave tomorrow for tomorrow, and focus on the words and deeds we perform together.” This can compel me to think that apocalyptic literature is set to frighten people and not to be their source of hope. This is because, literally, being too much obedient is more likely to be more interesting than being stringently obedient to the will God. Being obedient brings compulsions that one must follow to obey the will of God. There is thus a conditional adherence to the will of God, and there is an outlined and predetermined adverse outcomes for failing to be obedient. For example, it is much funny to think that most of our enemies will go to hell and get eternal fire.
Pope John Paul II’s views on evolution
Pope john Paul II has a contrasting view on evolution. He opines that the evolutionally theory and the divine creation idea do not contradict. He says, we came to exist through creation, and evolution brought out the best in these creations. There is thus a need to accept the evolutionary theory as it is essential.
What makes Humans Supreme to animals, and Evolution in contras

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