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Differences Between Buddha And Mohammed Theology Assignment (Essay Sample)


Buddha and Mohammed


Buddha and Mohammed
Buddha and Mohammed
Religion is believed to have begun many years ago and can be analyzed under various groupings including monotheism, pantheism, and polytheism. The polytheist believed that religion was started with many gods from the Hindu community. Pantheism believed that God is the supreme being who started a religion and it forms part of the explanation for the start of the Buddhism. Monotheism express the culture of communities who believe in one God, and it gives the origin of Muslim religion (Vivian, 2014). Buddha and Mohammed are prominent icons in the start of religion where Buddha is associated with Buddhism while Mohammed is associated with the Islam religion. Even though Buddha and Mohammed are associated with different religion or community plus many other differences, they share some similarities.
Differences Between Buddha And Mohammed
Buddha`s teachings and gospel were spread orally, and even the actual writings of his work are in Pali a language of the Indo-Aryan community where it is believed that Buddha was born. His work was written by Hinayana school two years after his death. On the other side, Mohammed’s teachings and sayings are written in Quran by professionals in literature and linguistic as opposed to the work of Buddha which was written by students of his community schools who were the only one who could write in Pali language in those ancient days (McLaren, 2016). Mohammed’s work and teachings mostly were in writings whereby he could write on pottery, shoulder blades of sheep, palm leaves and skin as opposed to Buddha whose teachings were all communicated orally. After the death of Mohammed is when his works and teachings were translated orally. Buddha was born in Kapilavastu, the modern southern Nepal city while Mohammed was born in Mecca. Mohammed belonged to the tribe of Quraish while Buddha belongs to the tribe of Rajah the clan of Sakya. Mohammed's mother passed when he was six years old while Buddha's mother passed a few days after his birth.
Buddha grew in a royal family where he could be provided with everything he required while Mohammed was born in a family with a humble background where he used to work to provide for her grandmother. Buddha married Yasodhara who was from also from a royal family at 19 years of age while Mohammed married Khadija, a rich woman who was 20 years older than Mohammed. Buddha was only married to a single wife while Mohammed went an extra mile to marry ten wives plus many other concubines as opposed to the Muslim norms that only allows for five wives. Studies show that Buddha and his wife were blessed with a son by the name Rahula while in Mohammed’s story we are only told about his adopted son rather than his biological son. Buddha spent all his childhood in his father’s palace until when he was 30 years that he went out and so how people were living through hardship while Mohammed started living with her grandmother for six years when he lost her mother and later lived with his uncle before he got married (Blackwell, 2015). Buddha started the work of teaching and spreading the gospel at around 35 years while Mohammed started teaching and preaching when he had attained 40 years. Buddha was able to convert many people to Buddhism including his family members, but Mohammed’s first teachings were criticized by the pagans because his teachings were against the pagans’ culture. Studies show that Buddha was able to perform miracles to please the gods, but there is no documentation showing accounting for the miracles performed by Mohammed during his teachings. Buddha's teaching dwelt on inspiring topics teaching about moral lessons that are required to govern the community while Mohammed’s teachings were biased because he was against other religions as he was preaching to promote Islam. Buddha died when he was in his 80s due to a disease infection while in the case of Mohamed, studies show that he died from fever and headache when he was ...
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