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Clarification Of Bible Passages: Grasping The Understanding Of Others (Essay Sample)


this essay needed me to discuss the importance of translations, commentaries and tools in understanding bible passages. this was meant to be a presentation to new converted christians with the aim of convincing them to observe these components in bible study.


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The Bible is an ancient book whose scriptures were written by prophets, prophetesses, kings and queens. This was through the intervention of the Holy Spirit. Newly converted Christians need to be taught the necessity of developing Bible study habits. This essay will discuss points that I will address to the new Christian on the importance of translations, commentaries and tools in understanding bible passages.
Clarification of bible passages
The Bible is a spiritual book whose chapters and verses was written with the help of the Holy Spirit (Wintle, 2015). New and existing Christians require critical thought in order to understand the spiritual writings. Bible stories are interlinked in the way different stories evolve from Genesis in the Old Testament to revelation in the New Testament. Many Bible chapters and verses are written in parables and poetry hence interpretation is essential (Albrektson, 2016). For instance, Jesus majorly used parables in teaching his followers. One cannot understand the relationship between the parables and real life without commentaries. They are necessary as they expound on Bible verses that have hidden meanings.
Grasping the understanding of others
The Bible is a huge book with a collection of many books. Each book is divided into chapters, and each chapter contains verses. Very few people around the world have managed to understand the inner meaning of each book, chapter and verse (Burge and Hill, (2015). A vast number of Bible scholars together with pastors and evangelists have commentaries and translations on the chapters and verses. Utilizing these resourceful components aids one in understanding the Bible better as they provide interpretations and ideas of others.
Vast imagination capability
The Bible was written thousands of years ago when the world had not civilized as compared to the contemporary society (Sugirtharajah, 2016). Visions of the writers such as the geography of the land, laws that were practiced during that era, the language used by people during that period and the culture of the people in that time are made manifested by these tools. Translations aid in understanding what was being spoken and written whereas commentaries and tools aid in describing cultural and geographical aspects (Brueggemann 2018). This aids one’s imagination hence a deeper understanding of the Bible.
Despite being written thousands of years ago, commentaries, translations and tools have proved to aid Christians...
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