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dualism and physicalism (Essay Sample)

Context: Dualism and Physicalism hold clear implications for religious beliefs. For this assignment, you will draw on what you have learned about both perspectives in your readings and videos this week. Task: Please spend some time reviewing the readings and discussions from this week and then write a reflective piece about dualism and physicalism. Specifically, for this task, pick a religious tradition of your choice (pick one that you most identify with), and address what the implications of dualism and physicalism are for the self as it is apparently understood or construed in this tradition. source..
Dualism and Physicalism Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Dualism and Physicalism Dualism refers to the belief that there exist two supreme gods opposed to one another. The divine power from the most powerful god made the world and everything in it. In that case, the two minds are working, with one connected to the good side and the other to destruction. Again, they are not distinct entities but are divisions from one consciousness, only with varied figures of speech. On the other hand, physicalism is a stand in philosophy which states that the earth and everything in it originated from physical properties. The word was first introduced in the twentieth century by Otto Neurath (Parrish, 2013). Physicalism states that everything connected to the mind is also linked to the brain. Physicalism includes the things included in physics such as matter, energy, state, space, physical processes, and structure, among others. There exists a dualism between the heavenly father and creation in the traditions of Christianity. Therefore, dualism in Christianity states that God and creation are two different entities but are united through an invisible bond. Christianity and Abrahamic traditions contain several belief systems. For example, the Paulicians and Cathars believe that the material things in this world were created by an evil god and a moral supreme being. Christian dualism is divided into two categories i.e., absolute and mitigated dualism. Absolute dualism states that in th...
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