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Ethical Decision-Making Questions (Essay Sample)


Paper details:
For this assignment, select a case from the "Decision-Making Cases" document.
After you select your case, you will need to complete the "Ethical Decision-Making" document, based on the case you select. To support your claims, perhaps consider using the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20), the book of Proverbs, or other relevant Bible passages.
GCU style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance. Work must be cited and resources also


Ethical Decision-Making
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Ethical Decision-Making
1 Why do Christians believe that morality is absolute and objective rather than relative and subjective? If morality is objective, where do Christians get their moral standard?
Your answer in 75-100 words:
The concept of absolute and objective has reshaped the Christian's moral understanding, daily operations, and understanding of circumstances. Christians believe that morality is complete, regardless of the circumstances, while relative does not mean subjective. Therefore, it is easier for Christians to affirm or agree on the concept of killing someone, which is morally obligatory and even justified. The objective nature tends to emphasize independent of people's opinion, while the subjective focus is highly on personal statement.

2 Use the case you chose from the "Decision-Making Cases" document to answer the following questions to build the Christian ethical response.
1 Which case did you choose?
The Shirt

2 Chapter 2 of The Beginning of Wisdom textbook and the Topic 1 Overview presents the elements of a worldview (ultimate reality, nature of the universe, humanity, knowledge, ethics, purpose). In the case you chose, which worldview element will be the most significant factor in determining right and wrong in your chosen topic? Why?
Your answer in 75-100 words:
Edwin has undertaken the role of providing for his family through an honest and transparent way of earning. His concept of making a living is beyond questionable doubt. However, despite fairly involving his activities, a significant drawback is associated with his shirt business. The south Asian factory production has indicated the highest inhumanity levels, a concept that undermines Christians' worldview.
In the quest to make ends meet, the Christian worldview highly opposes humanity's exploitation since Christianity strongly believes in the highest degree of human life and freedom from exploitation. The employment of children and poor working conditions, characterized by a poor working environment, emphasize the children's hardship to produce the shirts.
Even though Edwin has no direct exploitation of the children in South Asia, his continuous selling of the shirts from factories exploiting its workers is a clear indication of his support.

3 How does the Christian worldview describe the worldview element you identified?
Your answer in 75-100 words:
Christian worldview affirms that almighty God is the sovereign giver of life, where people should leave in the shadows of humanity and moral judgment. In this case, every action that subjects humans to inhuman conditions is deemed a way of objecting to society. In the view of Christianity, humans are created equally, without giving more power to one gender. In this case, the concept of equality in humanity helps provide a healthy relationship across all humans.

4 What Bible passages (cite at most three) will guide the ethics for the case you choose? How do these Bible passages apply to this case?
Your answer in 75-100 words:
Humanity and the exploitation of innocent humans have been widely condemned in the Bible to reinforce the need for holiness. Edwin's involvement in the shirt business and the exploitation of the Asian companies' workers indicates gross misconduct with the Bible's teachings. In the Books of Exodus, the Bible has outlined humanity's essence through the ten commandments, which helps to echo the need for society. The seventh commandment, "Thou shalt not steal" (Daniels, 2020, Exodus 20), is geared towards reducing theft. More so, Christianity believes that employers should not underpay or even exploit workers at their disposal. The book of Mathew also echoes further regarding humanity and its relations such that "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled" (Daniels, 2020 Mathew 5-7).

5 Based on your answers to b and c, explain the Christian response to the case you chose. In other words, how might the Christian worldview resolve the issue?
Your answer in 75-100 words:
The main objective in the case is highly centred on exploitation and little valuation of humanity. Life's value is not widely considered a concept that undermines the Christian faith and what it stands for humanity. A Christian worldview can resolve this concept by addressing the need for valuing humanity. This can be achieved by outlining the need for creating a hospitable working environment for the factory workers to improve their working conditions. Lastly, the factories should have an age limit, focusing on limiting child labour in the region.

3 Your previous responses built a Christian ethical stance and provided a Christian resolution for the case. How might this Christian resolution to the issue increase human dignity and human value?
Your answer in 50-75 words:
The resolution focuses on helping increase productivity and higher value for humanity. Creating a conducive working environment increases productivity and improves the health of those working in such an environment. On the contrary, reducing the number of children working in the factory helps minimize the possibility of accidents that may lead to deaths to the children working in such an environment. Providing workers with a better working environment indicates the highest level of humanity an employer can ever engage in while increasing human dignity.

4 The Christian position that humans should flourish comes from belief in the goodness of God. How so? What are the connections between God's goodness and human flourishing?
Your answer in 50-75 w

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