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Religion & Theology
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The Identity of Christians in Jesus Christ (Essay Sample)


this task was about j christians' identity with jesus christ, eternal versus a temporal perspective on life, spirituality in action, and spirituality in community. it was found that christian's identity is in jesus christ and they try to emulate him in the way they relate with others or treat each other. they try to live in peace with each other such as jesus christ instructed them and also try to do good as it is written in the bible. on the other hand, the paper talks about eternal versus a temporal perspective of life where christians look at the long-term, life after death. as such, they believe that there is eternal life a life after death.


Religious assignment
Christians’ identity with Jesus Christ is of importance, and they are supposed to conform to Jesus Christ’s character since their union with Christ is of great value and cannot be compared with anything in the whole world. Further, believers in Jesus Christ are supposed to be eternal life-oriented rather than temporal life-oriented. If they chase after things of this world that are temporal, they shall miss the eternal life which comes with chasing after a godly life in Jesus Christ. Christians should also practice their Spirituality by devoting their lives to the work of God in this present life and time since they do not know when Jesus will come or their last time on this earth is. Lastly, churches should not miss their mandate but should practice evangelism to win more souls to the kingdom of God and disciple their faithful to understand the things that God wants and the kind of lives that He wants them to live.

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