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Religion & Theology
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Conflicting Viewpoints in Religion (Essay Sample)


The task was about conflicting viewpoints on the definition of religion. Additionally, one approach to explaining religion was chosen ( the sociology of religion approach), including focusing on its strengths and weaknesses.


Conflicting Viewpoints
Student Name
Conflicting Viewpoints in Religion
Defining religion has proven to be an extremely difficult task that cannot be evaded. There is a wide variety of approaches to defining religion. Different definitions give different focuses of various aspects, which in turn form interesting insight into the subject of religion. No single explanation on the topic of religion is fully adequate. This factor has led to failure to arrive at a universal definition of religion. The topic of religion attracts conflicting viewpoints offering a wide range of opinions and diverse thought-provoking ideologies, making its definition a difficult aspect.
Various definitions of religion are present though some people still argue that religion does not exist in the first place. To date, a subject termed as imagined and nonexistent with the argument that culture is the sole attribute from which religion is established. This is an aspect that also draws so much attention and endless discussions. Defining religion has extensively grown, but there are limits to it, such as that empirical studies in religion are tedious to formulate and perform.

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