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Spirituality in Terms of Financial Aspect (Essay Sample)


This article tells about how we should give. This includes spiritual in terms of our finances.


Heaven’s Bank
(Finance Committee)
“…whoever sows generously will also reap generously”- 2 Corinthians 9:6
Did you ever saw a seed planted today then after a few hours it has grown up? Have you seen a very beautiful plant that never been watered or spotted by the sun? They are all needs time and effort before we see the good result. One of the most powerful things nowadays is all about money. If we will talk about it I’m sure many people will all ears for this topic. Many are very desperate and eager to have it in a very quick way. Some are involving themselves to businesses that have higher demand and easy money. But some are very meticulous and make sure that their money is secured so they go to a well-known bank or invest to a popular market. All people need money right? That’s why we work hard, established a business because everything we need have equivalent amount. So we will make sure that our effort just to earn money will never be wasted.

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