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The Connection of the Song "Take and Receive" to the Life of St. Ignatius (Essay Sample)


1. Find a quiet and peaceful place where no one can disturb you. Listen to the three (3) songs associated with the life of St. Ignatius.
2. After listening to the songs, choose one that appeals to you.
3. Be still and mindful of your breathing, and when you ar ready, play the song that you had chosen.
4. Listen to the song prayerfully. You may sing along, maintaining your prayerful disposition. Savor the song.
5. Reflect on the song, guided by the following relection guide:
a. How does the song relate to the personal life of St. Ignatius?
b. What word, phrase, line of the song/s did you find meaningful to you?
c. Narrate how/why these words, phrase, line or the whole song relate to your personal life or personal experience.
d. As a concluding paragraph, write your personal take on your experience of this exercise (singing, praying, reflecting)
5. Follow the format for answering and submitting requirements described in the Course Syllabus


Listen, Pray and Reflect
CJE 500
September 10, 2021
Listen, Pray and Reflect
The song Take and Receive is connected to Ignatius' life in that it serves as a recap of his life. It is via his earthly possessions that he gained all that is God. We get God's providence when we accept God as the direction of our lives. True, Ignatius allowed God to perform his will and direct his steps. He discovered the genuine meaning of his life through all of these.

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