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Religion & Theology
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Religious Literacy is Imperative for Everyone (Essay Sample)


Discussion on religion


Religious Literacy is Imperative or Everyone
Religious Literacy is imperative for everyone
Religion is the focus of religious literacy. Religion is deeply sensitive and influential across local, national, and global affairs. Religious literacy explores the dynamics of religious life in the ever-changing world. The premise of this essay is that religious literacy is imperative not just for religious people, not just for scholars of religion, but for everyone. According to Eck (2012), we are living in the age of pluralism. The social landscapes have changed due to migration and secularism. In some places, one needs to understand religion to understand what’s going on. Religious literacy motivates people to be aware of stuff they do not know particularly on international affairs. She observes that America was at war in Vietnam, but neither side paid attention to the spirituality of the people. Human beings encounter religious pluralism and religious identity is controversial. Given this reality, everybody should engage with others with respect. Living in the age of pluralism is a challenge. She laments on the antagonism among different religions and violence that fuels prejudice and racism. She also notes heinous acts like mosques being firebombed.
Antagonism among religions makes my case why religion literacy is important. Promoting religious literacy averts controversy among citizens. I encountered protests after the government ordered autopsies, a practice no

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