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Expounding On History Of Sikhism Research Assignment (Essay Sample)




Sikhism Discussion
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According to Jakobsh (2012) Sikhism dates back to the fifteenth century with its origin in a subcontinent in India called Punjab. According to the author, Sikhism can be traced back to have been initiated by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. On 30th march 1699, Guru Gobind Singh formalized religious practices and later five individuals from diverse backgrounds were baptized and formed a group called Khalsa. This members of Khalsa later baptized Guru Gobind Singh and incorporated him in this group. Sikh faced a lot of resistance from other religious groups until when India was partitioned in 1947 leading to migration of different groups.
Jakobsh (2012) outlines the rituals of the Sikh as, baptism ceremony that is conducted by the five baptized members of the Khalsa. During this ritual, the five religious Sikhs wear Sikh symbols. The second ritual is marriage that is conducted by any Sikh who has passed the first ritual of baptism. The third ritual involves naming of the young born and involves offering of prayers and singing.
Sikh beliefs in existence of one God from whom they seek for guidance and help. They also belief that that their major goal is to create a closer association with God. In addition, they belief in reincarnation of anything that comes across their ways, good or bad and birth. They also believe that every individual is equal before God and there by rejects the caste system. Moreover, they belief on the teaching of the leaders and respect their religion which define their moral.
Sikh have a number of prac...
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