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Eliezer's Struggle to Keep his Faith in God (Essay Sample)


Eliezer\'s Struggle to Keep his Faith in God

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The Jewish Nation
In his talk to a journalist, the writer cites his memories as he tries to remember the dark days of Jewish persecution in Europe. He states that it is impossible for him to keep his mind away from these memories (Eliewisesel). This is because he could not believe how the world would suddenly lack love and kindness and turn to an in human act of executing and entire race form existence.
The writer uses an example of a young boy who witnessed these dreadful events and came to narrate later after a miraculous escape from the hands of Nazi soldiers. In his narration, he explains how difficult it was for him to live after watching his mother and sister burned down to ashes with many other Jewish victims (Eliewisesel). According to the narrator, the child was a chosen one who dedicated his life in serving God the Almighty his entire life. But he could not believe how his God would definitely abandon him in his time of need. In his mind the child tries to think why such horrific events would happen (Rebecca). In his mind he laments that horrific day and swears that he would never forget that day and how it had changed his life and how specifically it had changed his faith.
However, the writer goes ahead to state that it was the Jewish own mistake of not heeding the warning that left them vulnerable (Pope). If only they could have listened to young man whom they referred to as mad when he came with the news of how the Jewish race was being persecuted they would have fled and saved more from being killed.
His struggle with his faith in God continues when he witnesses the hanging of a boy whom according to him he describes as having the “sad face of an angel”. He feels that there is no way God would watch such horrific events happen to his people and do nothing (Eliewisesel). “[According to him God is no more and he is dead], vanished forever into the smoke of the human holocaust demanded by the race (Eliewisesel, pg 19).” But on the end of the year he attends the Jewish ceremony and watches as many believers praise the name of the Almighty God. He can’t find himself doing the same but still he attends the ceremony practices. Though previously he used to kneel down when worshipping, now days he stands. He still believes in the righteous God of Abraham, Jacob, the Lord of love for his people, but is he deaf, blind, and invisible at the time of his people’s needs?
During prayers he states that he was unable to ask for anything from God and he felt stronger in himself than being in the Almighty in whom he had dedicated so much of his life (Eliewisesel). He could not figure out why people were praying to someone they don’t even know if he will respond or not. He was living a lonely life. A life without love, mercy, God or man, he was totally in his own world. He states that in the midst of the men assembled for prayers, he felt like a stranger.
However in his reflections of how his fellow Jew conquered the world on the cross seems to give him new hope as he watched the child die just like the one who conquered the world. To him the sufferings brought down on t...
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