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Forgiveness Religion & Theology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The assay addresses teachings of jesus christ about forgiveness .


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Forgiveness could be described as the situation in which an individual shows pity and mercy to another person who has wronged him or her. Generally, all religions advocate for forgiveness as a sign of promoting peaceful co-existence among people. It is also a way of making sure that people understand each other despite their differences. In the society today, there has been an increase in crime and there has been unending disputes among people. People have been at war and the world is turning to be a place where there is lack of peace for people. There has also been the rise of different religions that have different teachings basically on forgiveness. Some support forgiveness while others do not. Similarly, the Bible has not been left behind in advocating for forgiveness. It has been taught in the book of Matthew which is in the New Testament in the holy book and it has also been taught through the teachings and works of Jesus Christ.

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