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Cultural Relativism of Religion (Essay Sample)

Cultural relativism from an anthropological perspective source..
Cultural Relativism of Religion Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Cultural Relativism of Religion Introduction The study of human interaction and culture may help in the analysis of different ways of life. Different cultures may influence how people view each other. The understanding of the culture from both etic and emic perspectives would help in embracing a proper understanding of the people and their views concerning the major activities. It will cause biases if the view of one culture is evaluated from one side. An emic aspect refers to the view of culture from within the scope of the targeted culture. The etic culture, on the other hand, looks at the view of culture from the perspective of someone who is not within or part of the culture that is studied. One can get surprised to find out that there are significant similarities and minimal differences between emic and etic views of aspects of existing cultures. Cultural relativism from an anthropological perspective requires that a culture should be viewed from the standpoint of the persons within the culture My aspect of the culture of interest that I am going to look at is the atheism element. I will look at this aspect in my cultural perspective which can be defined as the American culture. I will also look at the issue of atheism from the viewpoint of the people that are not within the American culture. For instance, I will choose on the European culture as a way of discussing the issues that they have concerning the atheism element in the American culture. Atheism, as a culture may be defined as the culture in which there is a disbelief in the existence and the power of God (Miner, 1960). The basis of this culture is to challenge all the doctrines of the other religious groups that tend to explain the existence of God through the various ways. From my American culture, it is asserted that the idea of atheism culture is one of the most significant issues that affect the ways in which the minorities are viewed. For instance, the atheists in the American culture have experienced discrimination in meaningful ways. As an atheist, our mind is guided by the element of realism just as the other religious groups employ the theist views that guide the manner in which they view human suffering and other aspects of religion. The etic view of the atheist issues is based on the element of ignorance. From an outside perspective, I would concur with the groups that assert that atheism is a kind of adolescent in the development of human beings. I would also agree with the fact that atheism lacks any form of discovery towards its existence. Instead, I concur with the belief that the atheism issues are more of related to the issues of lack of acknowledgment on issues that relate to the existence of God as the pioneer of critical matters that affect their state of existence through the aspects and the powers of God. Assuming that I was not part of the culture that embraces atheism, I believe that I would accept the concept of self as a major issue that determines the elements of atheistic belief. Moreover, self-consciousness is another cause of the rejection of the existence of atheistic belief. The belief in self and the realization of how it interacts with the belief of issues involving God are significant in determining the success of the etic views of atheism. Suppose I pose myself in a different culture, I would also view atheism as an issue that lacks no basis with relation to the issues of science. Moreover, the change in the perception of how well people view suffering and death would be major problems in the determination of what other cultures may think about the atheistic beliefs. Being in the position to view the atheist in a different way, would also suggest that they are a group of people that have disregard and lack of basis for the atheism elements. The atheists have the perspective of relativism which checks on the main issues on culture. For instance, checking on all elements of culture regarding their views would determine the ways in which atheism is formed. They advocate for the understanding of the atheism issues based on the ways in which they would view the elements disbelief in God. An emic view of culture refers to the perception of a given element of culture from an insider’s perspective. This idea implies that there would be a change in the view of the people concerning the other side’s perspective. The article provides for combating for relativism in the atheist perspective. The idea of the view of religion is an important issue to consider in this case. For instance, it is not the religion alone that determines the doctrines of death and other perspectives. Moreover, this perspective support that there are also other ways in which people can always view the aspects of life and death. Combating relativism would mean that the people from a different culture may not have to place themselves in the position of the atheists to embrace the position of the atheists. It would be for the fact that the atheists also may have a unique perspective towards the religious issues as the cause of different suffering and deaths. The idea is that the atheist needs no consideration in order to express their beliefs and practices. Instead, they insist on key characteristics that would determine how best they express their culture in the free world. The world is diversified in multiple ways. There are many ways in which people may understand what goes around in reality. Having the actual knowledge of what goes on in the real world is an important issue that may define the element of atheism. They propose that atheism is a significant issue that affects how best people view what exists in the current world (Strappado, 2017). Moreover, there are limited changes that may be involved in convincing people to accept what goes on in the real world. The real world has a limitless way of thinking. This idea means that if a certain group chooses to think in a particular way, there would be no need to offer blames. This idea supports the fact that there would need to combat the relativism so that there would be a change in the manner in which people state their judgment. There may be many ways in which people view thinks, and therefore the atheist is a major group in changing the views of relativism in the atheists’ perspectives. It would also be true to explain the fact that the other religions have played a central role in the determination of the position of the atheist. According to the article, there is always the need to change how people view things in the current times. Other religious groups tend to pose as extremists in how they defend their religion. The other religions are considered to work directly against the atheist. They tend to subject the human mind towards the belief that there is always a powerful force behind their existence. The atheist on the other side does not believe in God as the creator of the universe. They tend to challenge the idea that there is no God and human independence is based on progressive thinking and what nature provides. These aspects tend to change the ways in which the atheists would be port...
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