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Buddhism and modern science (Essay Sample)

the manner in which BUDDHISM has contributed to modern SCIENCE source..
Buddhism and modern science Student Name Affiliate Institution Course Code Date In the contemporary world, religion plays an important role as the central part of our lives. Nevertheless, in order for one to understand the manner in which religion relates to our well-being, it is important putting to consideration the practices and beliefs of some of the world’s major religions. The concept of well-being in Buddhism is frequently connected to cultivation and practice of a composure mindset attained through meditation. According to this religion, one should first realize that life is suffering. From the above realization, there exist several steps to be taken by an individual (as outlined in the Eightfold Path), for instance; practicing compassion and mindfulness. This with the purpose of detaching oneself from earthly desires. Buddhism frequently talks about the power of the mind, and the manner in which many functions of our body can be controlled by the use of our minds. It further states that when dealing with a health issue, the body, emotions, and mind must always be dealt with in a unified way. Over many years, Buddhism has impacted the field of medicine and health. In ancient Buddhist chronicles and sutras, there exists countless reference discussing the latter, and the manner to which our emotions and mind affect our behavior and eventually our health. According to the definition given by the World Health Organization, health is referred to as a complete state of mental, physical and social well-being and not simply the absence of infirmity or disease (Shakya, 2017). On the other hand, the Buddhist understands good health to be same with its importance on the balanced interaction between the mind, body and its environment. In support of this, scientists have revealed from their studies the significant guidance of the humans’ state of mind, attitude, emotions, and beliefs on how they stay well and get sick. For instance, shocks or upsets to the mind such death of a loved one, or divorce have a direct impact on the immunes’ system biochemistry. Likewise, tear and wear on the mind such as self-obsession, boredom, and alienation among many more, wears down the body’s physical system. On the other hand, in addition to this, there is a developing proof that Buddhism can have a productive and important influence on modern science, majorly at two points: (i) the impacts of epistemology on science foundation (majorly physics), and (ii) the in-depth level of research on the study of mind. The experimentally built meditation technology and the practices related as offered by Buddhism has a great impact on psychotherapeutic and modern science inventions. Over thousands of years, carried on to date. Yoga (a practice combining the body and mind towards promoting a better physical and mental health) has acted like a tool in opening the body and mind, hence bringing about transformation. At its principal, this a process involving limit confrontation and going beyond them (a physical approach to self-understanding and life). Yoga transforms one through opening up the mental and physical binds blocking his/her potential, limiting one's life (Shakya, 2017). Transformation, on the other hand, creates about interest and newness. Doing yoga leads to numerous concrete benefits: this a powerful therapeutic tool that corrects both psychological and physical problems; it also retards aging keeping one opened sexually; through yoga one develops flexibility and strength and for the physical undertakings; it also enhances one's posture, looks, muscle tone, and skin; it gives one’s life a sense of well-being and grace. ...
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