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Religion & Theology
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Is Religion Important To Society Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)



Religion is a complex that meets many needs of mankind who is comprised of societies, nations and finds himself needing to explain the complexities of the world he dwells in.
This is a belief in a higher spiritual being out of the physical world. It is an explanation of things that is beyond the capabilities of mankind, an existence that mankind finds and leaves when he expires. Man seeks to explain the living and non living world that he lives in acknowledging the existence of spirits of those who leave the physical world. Human beings purpose and ethical guidelines of what is good or bad and religion sets a standard of what to follow. It also gives the consequences of what is expected if one chooses to follow the right path or the wrong path. It explains rewards for following the right path and also gives punishment for wrong doings. This means religion largely acts as a means of social control in the society.
Many civilizations around the world were built on religion. The ancient Egyptians believed in a series of gods and pharaoh was god’s representative on earth. They also believed in the afterlife and build huge pyramids where they buried their kings and all his possessions and servants in the belief that he would need them in the afterlife. The holy roman empire was built on Christianity that spread over the entire Europe and parts of Africa through missionary expeditions sponsored by their political governments. Indeed the scramble for Africa was a direct result of the expeditions and discoveries of these early missionaries on their sacred duties to convert and liberate a dark continent and bring in to the light of Christianity and therefore civilization.
Education was hugely influenced by the spread of religion. Muslim scholars all over the world and largely influenced by the teachings of the Koran, the holy book of Islam. It gives guidance of the day to day life of a Muslim and influences all spheres of a Muslim. Islam is recognized by most governments in the world because
as a society, nations respect their beliefs and teachings and incorporate these in their political governments. For example, the dress code of Muslim is respected by nations i.e Kenya and their major holidays observed nationwide.
Max Weber states the influences of religion to the economic system and capitalism. In chriatianity, prostestanism and Judais...
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