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A Campaign To Stop Anti Muslim Discrimination Theology Assignment (Essay Sample)


EFFECTS OF Muslim Discrimination IN USA


A Campaign to Stop Anti-Muslim Discrimination
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A Campaign to Stop Anti-Muslim Discrimination
To cushion the American society from Islamophobia and other anti-Muslim sentiments, pinpoint curative measures such as civic education and leadership symbolization have already been proposed. However, the implementation of these proposals requires painstaking approaches that can yield expected results quickly. Mainly, civic education should take place on television, social media, and newspaper platforms, whereas leadership symbolization should be achieved through political party public declarations. Even though these alternatives have enormous advantages of coverage and massive following, they also have their disadvantages. As a result, counteractive practices should be encouraged to ensure the desired outcomes that promote religious tolerance are realized.
Television, Social Media, and Newspapers
Historically, television networks have been the main source of information to Americans. As a result, they are partially responsible for both positive and negative aspects of the society. For instance, absurd television messages as well as programmes targeting the Islam religion have been some of the main drivers of anti-Muslim opinions. Newspapers and lately prominent social media websites have also contributed immensely to the slandering of Muslims.
Unfortunately, objective efforts to explain what the Islam faith stands for have not been made. For this reason, messages explaining all truths about the religion should be aired in all major television networks. They should also be broadcasted in print media as well as in social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In the case of television, live talk shows involving religious experts should be organized. Essentially, this approach will give the public, especially the elderly and young children an opportunity to participate in healthy religious conversations. For example, people will be requested to narrate the fears they have about Muslims. In doing so, the professionals will have a chance to distinguish baseless opinions from facts.
As regards to newspapers and other forms of print media, special editorial columns should be initiated. A monthly journal on Islamophobia should also be established with the objective of educating the public about the tenets of Islam. Firstly, these instruments should convey all the negative attitudes that have contributed to the proliferation of the anti-Muslim notion. Secondly, they should give justifiable evidence that contradicts the basis of such harmful insinuations. For instance, there are many texts in the Quran that show the Islam faith is tolerant (Al Sadi & Basit, 2013). Broadcasting these verses will without any doubt counter the viewpoint that associates Muslims with terrorism. Concerning social media, interactive pages and groups should be created. Notably, these tools will give the youthful population a united solution where its members can interact with one another, regardless of religion or race. Also, implicit posters and videos can be developed to appear as advertisements in these sites. Just like the television platform, these ads will separate falsehoods from truths.
There are two major disadvantages that might accompany the use of social media, television, and print media to counter the anti-Muslim sentiment. Firstly, immense resources will be required to effectively broadcast all the pertinent information. Secondly, some messages might be castigated or be misinterpreted by television viewers, periodical readers, or social media participants. To ensure enough resources are accumulated, partnerships with charitable organizations must be sought. In contrast, to ensure that the information shared is appealing and productive, the three media approaches should incorporate attractive features such as performance by Muslim comedians in television talk shows. According to Amarasingam (2010), there is enough evidence to suggest that comedy is a str...
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