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Religion and Theology: Does Gay Marriage Harm Anyone? (Essay Sample)





Sample Essay
“Does gay marriage harm anyone?”
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I believe gay marriage does not only harm the partners but also people who are close to them. A marriage practice between individuals of similar sex is called gay marriage. They usually exchange vows in maintaining their marital union. Individuals who engage in gay marriage have high risks in suffering from both health and psychological problems. Individuals in same-sex marriage suffer health-related issues such as high exposure to several diseases and mental problems due to promiscuity and depression. Gay marriage is not natural in any way; therefore, exposing the partners involved to temptation into promiscuity. Sexual intercourse is logical and satisfying between individual of opposite sex. However, when gay marriage partners engage in sexual activities, they are likely to obtain the much-desired satisfaction. They will ultimately seek the comfort from opposite sex outside their marriage. Partner cheated on may incur psychological harm from such act of betrayal.
Gay marriage causes health-related harm to such partners because they are highly exposed. Sexual intercourse between gay partners attracts injuries due to its unnatural nature. The injuries expose the partners to sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhoea, and HIV/AIDS (Gaines & Garand, 2010). Recent research studies reveal that LGBT individuals exhibit lower tolerance to sexually transmitted diseases compared to their heterosexual counterparts.
Depression is an example of psychological harm which affects most individuals engaged in gay marriage. However, it is not only the partners in a gay marriage who undergo depression from such acts but also their close relations. Family members, friends, and even society members may experience depression when one of their own decision to participate in a gay marriage. In most cultures and traditions, gay marriage is prohibited therefore considered a taboo (Gaines & Garand, 2010). It also leads to lack generation progression. Participation in such a marriage is a violation of the values and norms of the society and attracts alienation. When the people involved in gay marriage are disowned and excommunicated from the community, them alongside their close family members risk suffering from depression (Eskridge & Spedale, 2006).
Gay marriage partners usually experience reduced lifespan due to associated lifestyle conditions. According to scholars, sexual intercourse between members of opposite sex has several health advantages amongst them the reduced risk to lifestyle health problems such as breast and prostate cancer. Laboratory experiments on sperms released during same-sex intercourse are different from opposite-sex sex. Gay and Lesbian Medical Association which comprise of individuals in gay relationships carried out a research experiment to health risks associated with gay ties (Gaines &am...
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