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Religion & Theology
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On The Importance Of A Society Maintaining A Religion (Essay Sample)


on the importance of a society maintaining a religion


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Religion in Society
The basic definition of religion is the belief in something or worship of certain gods or a god. To date, the origins that led to the adoption of religion by ancestors remain uncertain. However, anthropological researcher state that religions were formed from movements of revitalization and enlightenment. The society looked to religion as a solution to the challenges they faced at the time. The belief of a greater being and purpose helped the society to overcome the difficult situations. Even before the inception of civilization, religions were established itself as significant aspects of the society and they remain relevant to date.
Religious teachings motivate the actions of believers. The teachings have played a crucial role in the shaping of mannerisms and culture (Bowman & Ulo 14). For instance, some religions inspire actions of love and affection to the community. In that regard, the followers fulfill the requirements of the teachings by taking care of the needy and vulnerable in the society. Most religions are geared towards living a life that is pleasing to a higher being and it brings out the best from individuals.
The correlation between religion, law, and morality is astoundingly evident. Most religions uphold value frameworks that guide the personal conduct of its adherents on what is right and wrong (Bradney 23). The frameworks are enumerated extensively in religious sources such as the holy books like the Bible and Quran. For instance, Christians are guided by the Ten Commandments. In that regard, a Christian following the commandments to the letter would not have any clash with the law.
In the course of history, religion has always been used as a guide in the formulation of the laws. Laws are made to serve the interests of t

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