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The Meaning of My Name in Relation to the Naming of Most Lutheran Churches After St. Paul (Essay Sample)


the essay analyzes the meaning of my name in relation to the naming of most lutheran churches after st. paul . just like my name, most lutheran churches name themselves after paul since they want to take up the image of a converted church. further in the analyzed chapter, of philippians 4:6-7, three themes are evident: these are anxiety, prayer and peace.


Name and Bible Chapter Analysis
Student’s Name
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Name and Bible Chapter Analysis
* W7D1: What’s in a Name?
While CUW Online (2013) proposes that probably every name has a special meaning, mine is no different as it means the wonderful image of the grandmother. Inherently, my paternal grandmother (Cindy) played a significant role in my father’s upbringing and for this reason, my parents wanted to always celebrate her, thus giving me the name (Cindy). 

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