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Muslim Majority Country Research: Muslims in Kuwait (Essay Sample)


the Muslim country report, once you decide the country of your choice do an online search on that country, look for something you like about this country, and focus on the cultural aspect of Islam in that country. For example the Saudi Arabia, see how Islam impacts the social, political and economic aspects of Saudi Arabia. You can also talk about gender relations, tribal attitudes, and government structure. You do not have to talk about all these aspects but you can choose one theme and follow through in other countries or you can change the interests from country to another. Your interests will evolve through the course. The Muslim country report is one page but no more than two pages. Countries: Kuwait, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Sudan, Oman. Pick one country from the list above, and then you pick one theme and you focus on it and give your opinion about this theme.

Muslims in Kuwait
The majority of the population in Kuwait are Muslims (Isiorho & Charles 39). The presence of Islam in developing countries such as Kuwait has led to the development of Islamic Banks that have played an essential role in the increment of gross domestic product of the same countries. The participatory schemes of Islam integrate the assets owned by borrowers and lenders. The assets enable Islamic Banks to give credits on a long-term basis to allow the creation of projects with profiles of higher risk-return, and therefore, they help in supporting the economy growth (Casey et al. 25).
The invention of the new banking industry that is compliant with the Shariah leads to higher development in the banking sector, as shown by the amount of bank deposits or private credits scaled to GDP. Some of the developing economies such as Kuwait have already begun to introduce the new finance model in their economic system. It is im...
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